The Ho Chi Minh City Police on Feb. 26 arrested endocrinologist Nguyen Dan Que for promoting multi-party democracy and human rights, which was considered anti-state activities, the Vietnam News Agency said Monday.

After a check on Que’s computer at his home, the police have found over 60,000 documentary titles written and kept by Dr. Que, in which the authors called for “overthrowing the authoritarian regime”.

In his publication, Dr. Que, who was granted with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1995, urged the public to rise up against the communist regime, the police said, adding Que used democratic revolutions in Africa as an inspiration for similar ones in Vietnam.

This is the fourth time the Vietnamese police put Dr. Que in custody for the same anti-regime conviction. Que is facing death sentence according to the country’s Criminal Procedure Code.

Vietnam is one of very few countries in the world where communists monopolistically rule. The communist government does not tolerate any political dissidence and consider those who criticize policies of the Communist Party of Vietnam and promote for multi-party as anti-state.

Many times the Human Right Watch accuses the Southeast Asian country for violating human rights and religious freedom as it imprisons or harasses those who peaceful express their opinions.

Michael Michalak, a former U.S. ambassador to Vietnam during 2007-2010 period, said the communist regime arrested and imprisoned over 40 democracy and human rights activists during late 2009 until 2010-end prior to the communist party national congress.

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