Dear Vietnamese Compatriots,

Let’s stand up, hold our heads high, and proclaim: Freedom or Servitude!

Let’s take to the streets and put an end to dictatorship, corruption, and nepotism. Take back our rights to work, to live free, to receive medical care, etc. No more oppression and injustice. Farmers, take back your land; workers, take back your dignity!

We want a fair society in which everyone is guaranteed fundamental human rights such as freedom of information, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of Internet access, freedom of movement, freedom of commerce, and freedom of assembly and association for political plurality. And the freedom to choose the right leaders of the nation!

Our Nation is indeed in peril!

The politburo of the Vietnamese Communist Party and its despotic State have sold out our land and sea territories. Vietnam’s sovereignty is under tremendous threat!

The politburo have also driven the nation to the brink of bankruptcy through waste, fraud, abuse, and ineffective investments. Corrupt cadres and officials enrich themselves while the majority of the Vietnamese people remain very poor. Now, the prices of utilities increase every day: electricity and gas prices are going through the roof; yet the value of the currency has devalued greatly! Meanwhile, workers’ wages have not kept up with inflation and many workers who toil from sunrise to sunset still cannot support themselves.

Discontent is suppressed. Protest receives imprisonment. The top rulers like Nguyen Phu Trong and Nguyen Tan Dung resort to police violence at every opportunity to crush dissent. Their blatant lies about the conditions of the nation are piling up!

Let’s rise up to take back our freedoms and defend the fatherland!

Let’s take to streets to dismantle the politburo! People power can no longer be denied!

The young Vietnamese, with smart use of the Internet, cell phones, and text messaging, or many means available, should take the lead in mobilizing friends, associates, relatives, and family members to take advantage of the democracy movements in Africa and the Middle East. Assemble for demonstrations. Millions of Vietnamese will show up for a free Vietnam.

We shall be resolute in dismantling this communist dictatorship in order to rebuild a new Vietnam with freedom, democracy, and progress.

Let’s take to the streets to take back our land!

Let’s take to the streets to save the nation!

Let’s adopt the following nimble strategy: Converge at squares or open locales in big cities like Ha noi, Hai phong, Hue, Da nang, Can tho. If police are violent, disperse; if police sparse, assemble. And demand freedom! Say “No to Tyranny”!

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que
Call for Mass Demonstrations to Dismantle Tyranny

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