The world is witnessing tremendous changes and the East and the West are embarking upon a brotherly cooperation. The era of war has ended, and peace and development are on the horizon. People everywhere are demanding human rights, freedom, democracy, and political pluralism.

The peoples of the Pacific Rim all want non-aligned peace and cooperation through ASEAN.

The true cause of the Vietnam War was a conflict of military strategies between the United States and China. And when this conflict ended, these two countries became collaborators, as per their Shanghai joint communiqu? of 1972. Therefore, the solution of the Vietnam War was based on the disbanding the two war machines and extending the right of political self-determination to the Vietnamese people.

As far the Indochinese problem, the Vietnamese Politburo was wrong in thinking that, by merging the three countries militarily, they would have greater political clout. At the same time the world wanted the three Indochinese countries as separate entities before they could join ASEAN.

Yet, in spite of all the tremendous changes the world is undergoing, the Vietnamese Politburo has not budged at all. They have become a bunch of reactionaries, isolated from the world and abhorred by the Vietnamese people.

The Vietnamese people should be in step with the international community and should actively seek to achieve their rights. Toward the end, the Non-Violent Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam advocates:

1. Dismantling the Hanoi war machine that China and Russia had built up. This oppressive military tool is being used by Hanoi to stifle the people?s voice.

2. Requiring the Vietnamese Politburo to respect human rights and the rights to be citizens and property owners. The Politburo must also accept a pluralistic political system. The Vietnamese people need the right, by means of genuinely free elections, to determine a form of government that is appropriate for the contemporary society.

3. Empowering the people economically and culturally, and enabling the productive citizens to be in charge of the economy, rather than the government or opportunists.

We urgently appeal to individuals and organizations in Vietnam, as well as Vietnamese communities in Europe and America, to all who value freedom democracy and political pluralism, to support our non-violent and moderate struggle to establish in Vietnam a form of government that is social, humanist, and progressive ? a form of government entirely democratic and belonging to all the people. The purpose of our new government will be to serve, not to disrupt, the country. And its function will not be to control, but to coordinate and stimulate activities among all sectors of our society.

The above demands are a necessary as well as an inevitable trend toward which modern Vietnam is moving.

This is the only way out for contemporary Vietnam, if we are to solve current social and economic problems and to make our country prosperous in the world of tomorrow.

Proclaimed in Vietnam on May 11, 1990

On behalf of the Non-Violent Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam.

Nguyen Dan Que, M.D.

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