Letter to Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Charles D. Gray, Executive Director, Asian American Free Labor Institute, AFL-CIO. 1994

“As representatives of thousands of physicians in the United States, we write to express our deep concern regarding the imprisonment of our colleague, Dr. Nguyen Dan Que Reports indicate that he has a history of stomach ailments and hypertension, yet he has reportedly been forced to do hard labor, causing his already frail health to deteriorate.” (Letter of H. Jack Geiger, M.D., President, Physicians for Human Rights, to Vietnam’s Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, May 13, 1994)

“I have long been aware of the Non-Violent Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam which Dr. Que founded many years ago and for which he has suffered greatly as he has tried to help his people achieve democracy, freedom and dignity. Dr. Que has never for a moment stopped his quest for justice and human rights, even in the most trying circumstances. His leadership and dedication have been an inspiration to so many others throughout the years.” (Remark on Dr. Que by Ms. Sheila Finestone, Secretary of State, Multiculturalism and Status of Woman, Ottawa, Canada, June 1994)

“Four years have passed since Dr. Nguyen Dan Que issued his Manifesto of the Non-Violent Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam. The aspirations contained in it are universal — to participate freely in the political life of one’s country, to choose one’s leaders in free and fair elections, and to live in a society in which human rights are respected. It is an outrage that Dr. Nguyen and so many others like him remain jailed for speaking out against a regime that denies the people of Vietnam their fundamental right to self-determination.” (Statement of Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the occasion of Vietnam Human Rights Day, May 15, 1994)

“We, the Vietnamese Community Organizations in Queensland, Australia, solemnly declare our full support for Cao Trao Nhan Ban’s demand for the restoration of Democracy and Human Rights in Viet Nam, call for the immediate release of Dr. Nguyen Dan Que and all political prisoners from the communist prisons; and support Cao Trao Nhan Ban’s promotion of the 11th Day of May, 1994 to be proclaimed Human Rights Day for Viet Nam.” (Declaration of support for demand for democracy and human rights in Viet Nam, Brisbane, Queensland, April 29, 1994)

“The Royal Netherlands Academy considers it to be its duty to speak out for the protection of the rights and freedoms of fellow scientists wherever these are violated or are threatened to be violated. I, therefore, urge Your Excellency, to take all necessary measures leading to the prompt release of Dr. Nguyen Dan Que and, pending his release, to placing him under internationally acceptable detention conditions and supplying him with the required medical care” (Letter of Professor P.J.D. Drenth, President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to Vietnam’s Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, May 2, 1994)

“We are addressing to you urging you for a judicial commission to be set up to review the case of Doctor Que where there are grounds to believe that he imprisoned for political offenses, was sentenced after unfair trial and we ask you for this prisoner to receive a re-trial in accordance with the International standards of Human Rights.” (Letter to Hanoi Government, Amnesty International, Greece, June 8, 1992)

“Dr. Que has been chosen to receive the Congressional Human Rights Foundation’s Raoul Wallenberg Human Rights Award this year. I urge you to make every effort to secure Dr. Que’s freedom.” (Letter to Mr. Warren Christopher, Secretary of State by Senator

“It was with sadness that I learned the news last month, not long before Christmas, that a court in Ho Chi Minh city had sentenced the leader of the Non-Violent Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, to 20 years in prison… Their actions are symptoms of weakness… the Communist of Hanoi are desperately reaching out for foreign trade and aid to prop up their regime … The AFL-CIO strongly believes that we should not come to their rescue… “

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