The Vietnamese government strictly controls every aspect of life by force and abuses the rule of law. It is ready to repress any demand for human rights. The Vietnamese people are deprived of all of basic rights such as freedom of information, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion … which are vital to democratization and development of Vietnam.

As part of democratization we have repeatedly urged Hanoi to:

1. Stop blocking the VOA, RFA and all foreign broadcasts. Allow the free flow of information into Vietnam.

2. Allow newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts … to carry opinions not in conformity with the party line. That means that the dissidents could also use the mass media to express their opinions.

3. Release all imprisoned religious leaders and political dissidents and allow the International Red Cross to inspect the prison system in Vietnam.

4. Implement the UN principles on religious freedom, including the release of those imprisoned for their religious beliefs and practices. Guarantee the equal treatment to all religions in Vietnam, including the Unified Buddhist Church and Montagnard Protestants.

5. Dismantle Article number 4 in the Vietnamese Constitution ( which gives the Party supremacy over people) and abolish the Directive CP 31 (which allows imprisonment of dissidents up to 2 years without trial or judicial review). After achieving concrete results of the above mentioned points then we will continue on the following next steps to democratization of Vietnam:

6. Respect human rights and civil rights and return to Vietnamese people the right to own private property.

7. Stop the intervention of the Communist Party at all levels of the government and end the Communist Party’s control and manipulation of the National Assembly.

8. Let the National Assembly that is no longer under the control of the Communist party play an important role during the transition period and draw up new election laws which promote the multiparty system and allow everyone to freely participate in the general elections.

9. Have the government that is already independent of the Communist Party organize free and fair elections according to the new election laws and under international monitoring to choose a constitutional Assembly.

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