The cold war is over with collapse of communism the world is changing into the North-South cooperation.

The Southeast Asia is going into peace, stability non-aligned and cooperation.

After the war, the Vietnamese communist party politburo are discredited by our people who hate their inefficient corrupt government ruling against the will of people and defying global Democracy. Our people live in a police state, poverty and less-educated; we are actually well behind our potential due to the obsolete policy of the politburo.

It’s time to rally in a common front struggling for free and fair elections to set up a democratic government responding to the swirls of global changes.

Standing up to seize opportunities in direct cooperation with the outside world is the most effective way our people should do, in order to transform the social infrastructure which eventually determines its appropriate supra-structure. Along with that, and by peaceful means, our people struggle to force the politburo to:

1. dismantle their party-committees at all levels of the Administration, taxpayers do not agree to pay for dictatorship impeding our people’s common progress.

2. let the National Assembly draft a democratic electoral law.

3. organize free & fair elections to draw up a new Constitution.

To accept running, the communist party of Vietnam would ever stand a chance to exist, before too late; if not people would depose it.

Whoever wherever loves Democracy and supports our peoples just cause may join together on principles:

* Self-reliantly militating and coordinating our efforts on line.
* Who devotes all his heart and mind to make ideal come true has duty to guide others standing up for it.
* All the brilliant activists judged by the community will form the basic structure of our political organization.

Unite to win Democracy
Vietnam November 13, 2000

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que

On behalf of the establishing committee

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