Place: In room 2103 of Rayburn House Office Building of the US Congress
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm, Thursday, February 11, 2016
Program Chaired by: Dr. Wenhe LU and Mr. Sam CHIN

Opening remarks: WEI Jingsheng


1. Lama Kyap Gazan, Vice Chair, Chinese Tibetan Friendship Society:
An Update on Tibet

2. Cheuk Kwan, Chair, Toronto Association for Democracy in China:
Advocating for Human Rights in China: a Canadian Perspective

3. Roland Watson, Founder, Dictator Watch:
A Reality Check for Burma/Myanmar

4. Alim Seytoff, Executive Director, Uyghur Human Rights Project:
China’s New Counterterrorism Law and Its Human Rights Implications for the Uyghur People

5. Gloria Fung, Director, Canada-Hong Kong Link:
Umbrella Movement and International Solidarity Campaign for Hong Kong

6. Chen Chuangchuang, Alternative Council Member, IFCSS:
Understanding CCP’s Historic Undemocratic Wrongdoings Through Archives

7. Dr. Quan Nguyen, Chairman, Rallying for Democracy:
Current Human Rights Situation in Vietnam with Emphasis on Internet Freedom, Labor Rights and the TPP

8. Edwin Fung, vice president, Federation of Overseas Hong Kong Chinese, Washington, D.C. (FOHKC-DC):
One Country, 2 Systems Under Siege


1. The Wei Jingsheng Foundation
2. Dictator Watch
3. Chinese Tibetan Friendship Society
4. Federation of Overseas Hong Kong Chinese, Washington, D.C. (FOHKC-DC)
5. Rallying For Democracy
6. The International Committee To Support the Non – Violent Movement For Human Rights in Vietnam
7. Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition


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