Living free or living in shame

Let’s stand up and declare: Living free or living in shame.

Let’s take to the streets to bring an end this corrupt and exploitative dictatorship and to demand jobs, food, shelter, education, healthcare.

Let’s fight against oppression.

Let’s fight against injustice.

Farmers: Let’s end land grabbing!

Workers: Let’s end labour exploitation!

We want a just society in which everyone can enjoy fundamental human rights such as: freedom of information, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of internet usage, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom of enterprise, freedom of forming labour unions, freedom of assembly, and freedom of engaging in political activities in a pluralistic regime which allows people to choose worthy leaders of the country.

Our country is in danger!

The Vietnamese Communist Politburo and their brutal offspring have sold out our land and sea territories. Our Motherland’s sovereignty is in peril.

The Vietnamese Communist Politburo and their cruel offspring have driven our country to the brink of bankruptcy through wasteful, inefficient investments; incredible wealth is in the hand of a small group of corrupted apparatchiks while the majority of people live in abject poverty; the cost of living is soaring; the prices of electricity, water, and gasoline are rising day by day; the Vietnamese “dong” is losing its value while wages and salaries are stagnant. People, especially labourers, have to toil night and day yet can’t make a decent living.

The dissatisfied are suppressed; dissidents are imprisoned. Nguyen Phu Trong – the Party boss — and Nguyen Tan Dung — the Government boss – have resorted to the secret police as their main weapon of control and shamelessly justify their mounting crimes against the people and the country.

Let’s all rise for our well-being, for democracy, and for the preservation of our Motherland.

Let’s take to the streets, deliver unrelenting lightning blows against the Politburo, and force them to return power to the people.
Vietnamese youth, our quick response corps: Let’s use all means at our disposal – cellular telephones, internet, megaphones, words of mouth – to spread the message, connect with one another, and urge people to take to the streets to protest.

Millions of patriotic hearts with unbounded energy, ready to move mountains and part oceans, are determined to:

– Get rid of the Communist dictatorship and
– Build a new free, democratic, humanitarian, and progressive Vietnam.

Let’s take to the streets to save our country!
Let’s save the country by taking to the streets!

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que
Cho Lon, Vietnam
February 24, 2011

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